The welfare and health and safety of members and participants is British Wrestling’s top priority. This is especially the case when head injuries occur or in the event of a wrestler becoming unconscious during a training session in a club or other training environment.

British Wrestling has approved a set of protocols, prepared by Chief Medical Officer Dr Saam Falahati, to be used by coaches, club officials, parents and wrestlers. These protocols are meant to ensure that wrestlers who suffer a minor head injury or unconsciousness are managed effectively to protect their long-term health and welfare.

Minor head injuries and knocks to the head are common, particularly in children. Following the injury, if the person is awake (conscious), and there is no deep cut or severe head damage, it is unusual for there to be any damage to the brain. However, sometimes a knock to the head can be more serious and may result in concussion and/or unconsciousness, in which case the protocols should be adhered to.

Scientific knowledge in the field of head injury and concussion is constantly evolving and British Wrestling will make sure that the protocols are updated to keep up to date with the current research and guidance.