Hydration for Wrestling

Whenever we exercise, we lose fluid. This happens through perspiration, as well as when we breathe, releasing water vapor into the air. If the exercise is of high intensity, or if the temperature or humidity is high, one can lose a huge amount of fluid very quickly. If this fluid loss is not rectified, this can lead to dehydration. 

Dehydration can reduce performance and increase the risk of injury. To avoid injuries and all the negative effects of dehydration, athletes must be in a properly hydrated state when they start a training session or competition. Proper hydration is not only about avoiding electrolyte loss and dehydration but also how not being overhydrated too.

Below is the up-to-date guidelines from United World Wrestling on hydration for wrestlers along with a handy chart to help wrestlers identify what their level of hydration is. Why not print off a copy for the toilets in the club and help everyone improve their hydration knowledge?