A world-class governing body for a successful, inclusive, and sustainable wrestling family. 


Promoting and developing the sport of wrestling so that everyone achieves their full potential on and off the mat. 


  1. Safety, health & wellbeing for all. 
  2. Increase membership & participation. 
  3. Win medals and honours. 


We have identified five strategic areas, their delivery and execution are interlinked and combined they will move us closer to delivering against our mission and vision. 

  1. Performance – Deliver a performance pathway, based on ‘what it takes to win’, to ensure GBR is competing at the highest levels internationally. 
  2. Participation – Develop a holistic programme aimed at increasing member recruitment and retention. 
  3. Workforce – Develop the wrestling workforce to deliver the best combat sport experience in the UK. 
  4. Commercial and Marketing – Increase the profile of British Wrestling and develop a financially secure business. 
  5. Leadership and Governance – Provide effective leadership and governance for the sport of wrestling. 

You can read the full strategic plan below.