This Girl Can Wrestle is British Wrestling’s commitment to growing and developing girl’s and women’s wrestling across the UK. This page will continue to feature opportunities and projects to engage more women and girls in wrestling a sport that builds confidence and self-esteem.  

This Girl Can Wrestle

The British Wrestling Association is proud to be working in partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl for the ‘This Girl Can Wrestle’ Campaign in an effort to drive the growth of girl’s and women’s wrestling throughout the UK.

The British Wrestling Association proudly worked in Partnership with Wrestle Like a Girl at the start of the ‘This Girl Can Wrestle’ campaign in an effort to drive the growth of girl’s and women’s wrestling throughout the UK. The free program took part virtually December 8th 2020 – May 15th 2021 and was open to girls aged 8 and over of all experience levels. Over the twenty-four weeks, student-athletes had the opportunity to participate in practices and special events to deepen their knowledge about the sport of wrestling while building a community and gaining life skills.

To mark the completion of this program, British Wrestling and Wrestle Like a Girl hosted a Virtual Celebration Festival honouring the parents, coaches, and community who make sport possible.

Resources from the newsletters to the slides of the coaches workshop can be found at the bottom of the page.

British Wrestling is still working hard to promote and grow women’s wrestling throughout the UK with the Legacy Project. In December 2022, our Legacy project officers, Celina and Sahara, held their first event exclusive to females within wrestling. The afternoon tea event took place at the Clinton hotel in the heart of Birmingham. Females from around the country were able to connect and network with one another. Not only did the women have the chance to get involved in fun games and workshops, but they were also able to have honest conversations around the type of barriers women have faced, and continue to face in the sport of Wrestling. Female coaches, referees, athletes and even parents of female athletes had a wealth of knowledge to share which was incredibly valuable for all those who attended. This event was just one of many more to come, we hope to reach more females in the sport of wrestling and look to learn more on how women can support and empower each other into creating positive changes for females.

If you run a wrestling club, or know someone who does and would like to discuss how you can facilitate more female participation within your organisation, or would like to discuss how you may better support existing female athletes within your club, then get in touch with Celina Hanif or Sahara Mohammed.

Please see the bottom of the page for posters of female only programmes which are currently taking place throughout the UK with the help of the Legacy Project.

To Celebrate this year’s International women’s Day, Celina and Sahara will be running their first ever women’s wrestling open mat. This event will take place in Birmingham, with some fantastic women from the sport of wrestling coming to share their valuable knowledge and insights. It will be a day jam packed with fun, inspiration, fun educational games, wrestling techniques, healthy eating, mindset and motivation, of course plenty of delicious food, and so much more. We would love if you and your wrestling club could help us share this event with all of your female participants so that they can make better and stronger connections with other women who love the sport and help to grow the number of females in wrestling.
Please book onto the event via the Go membership website.

Upcoming Events 2023

Event Location/Region Date/Time
Open Mat Venue: (Midlands) 4th March – 10am-4pm
Open Mat Venue: British Wrestling (North) 6th May – 10am-4pm
Wrestling camp Venue: TBC 28th-31st July
Open Mat Venue: (South) 7th October – 10am-4pm